R&M Buckets

R&M Buckets

Land Drainage Ireland: A Contemporary Overview (2024)

A selection of gravel tunnel ploughs

In Ireland, land drainage is crucial in managing waterlogged soils, improving agricultural productivity, and mitigating flooding risks. As of 2024, technological advancements and evolving agricultural practices have shaped the landscape of land drainage methods and regulations. Here’s an overview covering…

Riddle Buckets: A Closer Look.

Selection of Grey Riddle Buckets back view

In the world of heavy machinery and construction equipment, efficiency and precision are key. Whether you’re excavating a construction site, mining for valuable resources, or simply clearing debris, having the right tools for the job is essential. One such tool…


log grapple

Grapples and Attachments When it comes to heavy-duty construction and material handling, grapples or excavator grabs and attachments play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. Among the leading manufacturers in the industry, R&M Buckets has consistently been a…

Ripper Hook Attachment for Excavators

A Ripper Hook

R&M’s Ripper Hooks In the realm of heavy-duty machinery and industrial operations, specific tools stand out for their remarkable efficiency and versatility. Ripper hook attachments for excavators, in particular, have gained prominence for their ability to tackle challenging tasks with…

Grain Pushing Blade

Pushing Blade Side Views

Revolutionising Stockpiling. In the world of industrial stockpiling, efficiency and productivity are crucial factors. Companies involved in handling and storing bulk materials such as coal, fertiliser and grain require innovative solutions to optimise their operations. One such solution that has…