Front Loader with Silage Fork

Fold Up Silage Fork

Fold Up Silage Fork

Silage Forks come in all different types and sizes and cat fit all types of machine types including JCB, Cat and Volvo. One of our biggest sellers is the Fold Up Silage Fork. The Fold Up Silage Fork is always a big hit with our customers, comes in sizes up to 16ft wide with round or Hardox square tines.

Fold-up silage forks are a versatile and essential tool in modern agriculture, designed to simplify the handling of silage and other loose materials on the farm. These forks are equipped with a unique folding mechanism that allows them to be conveniently stored and transported when not in use, making them an efficient and space-saving solution for farmers. The fold-up feature also facilitates easy attachment to tractors or front-end loaders, providing farmers with the flexibility to switch between different tasks with minimal effort.

One of the key advantages of fold-up silage forks is their ability to effectively handle silage and other bulk materials. The robust Hardox tines of the fork are designed to pierce through compacted silage, allowing for efficient loading and unloading. The fold-up design not only saves space but also enhances safety during transportation and storage, reducing the risk of accidents. These forks are a valuable addition to any farm, offering convenience, versatility, and durability for various agricultural operations, ultimately contributing to increased productivity and efficiency in the farming industry.

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