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Grading Bucket


RB42 Riddle Bucket

Grading Bucket

The R&M Grading Bucket comes in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 40 Tonnes. Grading Buckets are low, wide buckets with a cutting edge that are ideal for levelling off soil and gravel. All our graders are fitted with at least one web plate to add to the bucket’s strength, some buckets that are particularly wide, require 2 web plates. All types and sizes of machines are catered for.

The Ditching Bucket is similar to the grading bucket except they come fitted with teeth and are primarily used for ditch work and construction. Like the Grading Buckets, all machine types and sizes are catered for.

Grading Bucket Versus Ditching Bucket

The grading bucket and the ditching bucket are two distinct types of excavator attachments, each designed for specific excavation tasks. Ditching buckets, characterised by their wider and shallower shape, are primarily used for digging trenches and ditches. They excel at moving loose materials like soil, gravel, or sand, making them ideal for creating channels and trenches of consistent width. In contrast, grading buckets are narrower and deeper, equipped with a more pronounced cutting edge. These buckets are specially designed for precision grading and leveling tasks, such as creating smooth surfaces, grading roadways, or sculpting landscapes. While ditching buckets are versatile for digging tasks, grading buckets offer greater accuracy when it comes to shaping and levelling surfaces. The choice between them depends on the specific job requirements, with ditching buckets being better suited for rough digging, and grading buckets offering finesse in achieving a polished finish.

Front, Side and 3D View of GB5 Grading Bucket

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Contact us for more information regarding deliveries. – Tel:0419820800

Contact us for more information regarding deliveries. – Tel:0419820800