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Products & Services


Products include Digging Buckets, Grading Buckets, Rockhammer Tops and Quick Hitches


Products include Hi-Tip Buckets, Front Loader Buckets, Silage Forks and Shear Grabs


Products include Mole Ploughs, Gravel Tunnel Ploughs, Tile Drain Buckets and Stone Carts.


Products include Riddle Buckets, Rib Buckets and Rakes.


Repairs include fixing and replacing parts of buckets and attachments.

Steel Cutting

We can cut steel from 4mm up to 100mm in thickness.


r&M Buckets building and van

Let us help you!

Do you need a custom made product.

An excavator mole plough with a pipe layer attachment
2 Small Grab Forks

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a custom built attachment.

We build all sorts of custom buckets and attachments. Drop us an email and arrange a chat with one of our design team.

Can i get my attachment repaired or modified?

Yes, we do repairs and modifications all the time. Changing fittings on buckets, replacing worn and broken edges and teeth are just some of the repairs we do.

Delivery charges

For delivery charges, please ring or email the office for an up to date quote.

We provide the easy solutions

For every problem you have attachment wise today, R&M Buckets have the answers. Over 25 years of providing high quality products throughout Ireland.

Construction Attachments

Landscaping Attachments

Repair Work



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We are long time buyers of R&M products. Always top quality and fast turnaround.

SME Plant Sales

R&M Buckets have been a great supplier to Pat O’ Donnell for years .Excellent quality product at great value to the end user. Always reliable in sorting any issues if they arise. Their range of products available, especially for our Volvo loading shovels is comprehensive, we have supplied a few Hi-Tip buckets this year for some special applications.

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Pat O’ Donnell and Co

We have different Hi-Tip buckets, pushers, grabs and clamps from R&M Buckets.Every attachment has proven to be well designed, well made and long lasting. R&M Buckets are first class in designing and manufacturing the right attachment for any job.

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Suir Shipping

Top quality manufacturing, Good range of specialised attachments.Very strong understanding of requirements for Agricultural and Construction attachments and accessories.

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Breen Farm Machinery

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