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Manufacturing Excavator Bucket and Attachments for 25 years.

R&M Buckets have been manufacturing excavating buckets and attachments in Co Meath for the last quarter of a century. The name and brand has come synonymous with high quality, long lasting excavating equipment. We supply all the major excavating machines such as JCB, Cat, Volvo and many more. So if you want a standard digging or ditching bucket or you need a bucket or attachment custom designed and built, drop us an email or make an appointment by telephone on 041 9820800 and talk to one of our design team.

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R&M Buckets are number one for excavator buckets and attachments in Ireland. We have a wide range of excavating equipment to help. you with your construction projects including digging buckets, grading buckets and specialised grabs.


Folded up Silage Fork on a bucket

Our reputation is very important and we strive to design and build our attachments to the highest standards possible. We manufacturer a large number of Agri-Loader attachments. All sizes of Silage Forks, Shear Grabs, Couplers, Front Loaders and Hi-Tip Buckets.


Single Legged Mole Plough

Over the years R&M Buckets have excelled in the area of land drainage. We provide a number of different land drainage solutions including Mole Ploughs, Gravel Tunnel Ploughs, Stone Carts and Tile Drain Buckets.




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Our Products

Here is a few of our most popular products.

Digging Buckets

We have a wide range of Digging Buckets available from 0.5 Tonne Mini Digging Buckets to 80 Tonne Heavy Duty Buckets.

Grading Buckets

We provide a selection of Grading Buckets including Ditching Buckets, Angle Tilt Buckets and Rib Buckets.


We have Manual Grabs, Hydraulic Grabs, Log Grabs, Grab Buckets and Fork Grabs in stock or custom built.

Silage Forks

We provide all sizes of Silage Forks from skidsteer up to wheel loaders.

Hi-Tip Buckets

We provide single and twin ram Hi-Tip Buckets from 1m3 to 14m3

Front Loader Buckets

We have a wide range of Front Loader Buckets from 0.5m3 up to 8m3.

Mole Plough

Our range of Mole Ploughs include Single Leg Ploughs, Multi Leg Ploughs, Gravel Tunnel Ploughs and Stone Carts.

Land Rakes

Land Rakes sizes range from 0.75m up to 4m in length.

Stone Carts

Our Stone Cart comes with a standard 6 Tonne Hopper.


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