2 Heavy Duty Grabs and 2 smaller grabs for excavators

Grabs for Excavators


Hitachi ZX30 Grab

Grabs for Excavators

We manufacture a wide range of grabs for excavators including Manual Grabs, Hydraulic Grabs, Refuse Grabs, Fork Lift Grabs and special Grab Buckets. Sizes can range from 1 Tonne to 22 Tonne and can be custom made to suit all machine types.

What is a Hydraulic Grab?

A hydraulic grab is a mechanised material handling device designed for heavy-duty applications in industries such as construction, mining, and maritime operations. It utilises hydraulic power to open and close its jaws or claws, allowing it to securely grasp and lift various objects, such as rocks, logs, or debris. Hydraulic grabs are typically attached to heavy machinery like excavators or cranes and are controlled by hydraulic systems, providing precise and powerful gripping capabilities. These grabs are known for their efficiency and versatility, as they can handle a wide range of materials and are often used in tasks that require significant lifting and manipulation of heavy loads.

What is a Manual Grab

A manual grab, also known as a mechanical grapple or simply a grab, is a versatile and specialised tool used in various industries, particularly in construction, forestry, and material handling applications. It is designed to securely grasp and lift a wide range of materials, such as logs, rocks, debris, or bulk cargo, using its multiple hinged jaws or claws. Manual grabs are typically attached to heavy machinery, such as excavators or cranes, and are operated mechanically to provide a strong and controlled grip on the objects they are handling. This allows for efficient loading, unloading, and relocation of materials, making mechanical grabs indispensable in tasks that require precise and powerful material manipulation.

Front, Side and 3D View of Hydraulic Grab

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