High Tip Bucket

High Tip Bucket

The R&M High Tip Bucket comes in sizes that range from 1m3 to 14m3. High Tip Buckets are mainly used to shovel grain, wood chipping, coal, and refuse. Each of our High Tips is built to the specifications provided by the customers. They come with specially designed cushioned Single Ram and Twin Rams. R&M High Tip Buckets can be fitted with reversible cutting edges to lengthen the life span of the blade and can be designed to suit the tipping height for the customer.

Increased Loading Capacity of High Tip Bucket

High Tip buckets are designed with a unique High Tip mechanism, allowing them to reach greater heights during loading and unloading tasks. This increased loading capacity enables farmers and operators to efficiently handle and transport large quantities of agricultural materials, such as grains, fertilisers, or animal feed. By reducing the number of trips required, High Tip buckets save time and effort, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Doosan with Hi Tip Bucket

Versatility and Adaptability

One of the key advantages of High Tip buckets is their versatility. They can be easily attached to a variety of machinery, including tractors, telehandlers, and in the image above to front loaders such as DoosanCat and JCB. This adaptability allows farmers to use the High Tip bucket for multiple tasks, such as loading/unloading, stockpiling, or filling hoppers. The ability to switch between tasks seamlessly enhances productivity and ensures that the machinery investment is maximised.

Enhanced Safety and Reduced Environmental Impact

Our High Tip buckets are designed with safety in mind. The High Tip mechanism minimises the need for manual handling of materials, reducing the risk of injuries to operators. Additionally, the controlled dumping of materials from a higher position reduces the likelihood of spillage or damage, promoting a safer working environment. Furthermore, High Tip buckets contribute to reducing the environmental impact of agricultural operations. The efficient loading and unloading process ensures minimal wastage, preventing unnecessary loss of valuable resources.

Front, Side and 3D View of Hi Tip Bucket

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