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Excavator Grabs

R&M’s Excavator Grabs and Attachments

When it comes to heavy-duty construction and material handling, excavator grabs and attachments play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. Among the leading manufacturers in the industry, R&M Buckets has consistently been a reliable name, providing top-notch excavator grabs to cater to diverse needs. Here are the different types of excavator grabs offered by R&M, namely Hydraulic Grabs and Manual Grabs, and explore their various applications.

1. Hydraulic Grabs

Hydraulic Grabs are the workhorses of the excavator attachments. They are powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system, offering immense gripping force and precision. These grabs are ideal for heavy-duty applications where controlled handling and high lifting capacities are required.

Uses of Hydraulic Grabs:

a. Construction and Demolition:

In construction and demolition sites, Hydraulic Grabs excel at picking up and moving large chunks of concrete, rocks, bricks, and other debris. Their powerful grip ensures efficient material handling, making them essential for clearing and preparing construction sites.

b. Sorting and Recycling:

Hydraulic Grabs are instrumental in recycling centres and waste management facilities. They can efficiently sort different types of materials, such as scrap metal, wood, and plastics, streamlining the recycling process.

c. Timber Handling:

For forestry and logging operations, Hydraulic Grabs prove invaluable in lifting and moving logs and timber with precision. Their robust construction allows them to withstand the harsh environment of the logging industry.

2. Manual Grabs

Manual Grabs, also known as Mechanical Grabs, are designed to be operated by the excavator operator manually. They are an excellent choice for applications where hydraulic systems are not available or not required. Manual Grabs are simple, reliable, and cost-effective.

Uses of Manual Grabs:

a. Landscaping and Gardening:

In landscaping projects, Manual Grabs are perfect for lifting and placing decorative rocks, stones, and tree trunks. They are also great for handling and arranging materials in garden designs.

b. Pipe and Pole Handling:

Manual Grabs are widely used in utility projects for lifting and positioning pipes, poles, and other cylindrical objects with ease.

c. Small-Scale Demolition:

For smaller demolition tasks, Manual Grabs are efficient in clearing debris, dismantling small structures, and assisting in general site cleanup.


With R&M’s Excavator Grabs, construction and material handling professionals can confidently take on challenging projects, knowing they have the right tools for the job. As technology and innovation continue to advance, R&M remains at the forefront, constantly refining and expanding its range of excavator grabs to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

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